Ready for home.

Mr. Rosetti Keats packed up the textbooks on his desk and prepared to head home. School for the final half of the summer term had started a few days ago and already he had marking to do. He carefully tapped the papers into order and stuffed them into his case. He decided to go home past the ice cream cart to help his wife, Bronte, pack up for the day.
Mr. Keats taught the primary years at St. Francis School. His students included Buster and Scarlett Slysdale, Yvette Blackberry, and Blinky Treefellow, one of the Headmaster’s son. Freya Chocolat also joined for the final half of term, and thus far, has proven to be a clever but shy student. He could also see that Scarlett did not particularly like Freya.

When Mr. Keats finally walked up the path towards the family’s ice cream cart, he could see a small group gathered around it. He could see Yvette and her older brother, Bob Blackberry who ran Orchard Grove Farms. With them was Roger Waters and his own son T.S. already eating ice lollies. Mrs. Keats was happily chatting to Yvette about her favourite flavours of ice cream. Yvette nodded quietly back and smiled. 
Yvette was a dreamy sort of girl who often stared out the classroom window or hummed without realizing it. She read poetry and enjoyed photography. Mr. Blackberry was her guardian and had purchased for her a little row boat so she could row out into the middle Primrose Pond to read under her parasol.

Mrs. Keats finished serving the Blackberrys and smiled broadly when she saw her husband. Shelley and baby Anne were playing nearby on the grass. Anne’s mouth was smudged with  chocolate from the ice cream she had received earlier on.

Last minute customers!

Mrs. Keats’s family were specialist ice cream makers traditionally from Italy. They made delicious, home-made gelato which was extra creamy. When she married Mr. Keats, they moved out to Cherrybrook to raise their kittens. Mrs. Keats continued to make ice cream from her family’s secret recipes and Mr. Keats took up teaching at the school. T.S. was very helpful on the weekends during summer, their busiest season. Shelley would mind Anne and Mr. Keats would mark papers, help churn the cream or help scoop when Mrs. Keats grew tired. Theirs was a very flavour-filled life! Mr. Keats loved Coconut Cream, T.S. favoured Pistachio Crumble. Shelley’s favourite was Choco-nut and Mrs. Keats loved them all! Anne was only allowed ice cream when she was very well behaved. After all, too much ice cream was not good for young children!
Before they could start packing up the cart, two chocolate tipped ears appeared over the counter. Mrs. Keats glanced over the glass case to see who it was. Two pairs of brown eyes stared back. It was the Chocolat children! Coco and Freya were holding paws, their noses twitching at the smell of sweet ice cream.
“Well now!” declared Mrs. Keats. “Lucky you got here when you did! We were just about to pack up! Now what can I get you?”
Sil vous plait, Madame,” Coco answered, “Could I ‘av a Lemon Lolly an’ a Choco-nut for Freya?” Freya nodded as well but did not smile.
“Of course!” Mrs. Keats boomed. She handed out the ice creams and Coco tipped the coins into her paw.

A formal greeting.

“Choco-nut!” Shelley exclaimed as she skipped over with little Anne. “That’s my favourite, too!” Freya nodded seriously but did not let go of Coco’s hand. Coco nodded towards Shelley and Freya stepped forwards and extended her free paw.
 "Allo. I am Freya. ‘Ow are ‘oo? I am pleased to meet 'oo.” Freya shook hands quickly and returned to hold Coco’s paw.
Shelley laughed delightedly at the grown up greeting! Little Anne to start laughing, though she didn't understand the situation. She only laughed because of Shelley! Soon Mr. Keats was chuckling at Anne and T.S. and Roger were laughing at Mr. Keats! Even Coco grinned broadly, and soon Freya herself smiled shyly.

Fast friends

When Shelley stopped laughing she smiled at Freya warmly. "You're silly!" She declared, “Do you want to make daisy chains?” Freya looked at Coco who smiled and nudged her forward.
"Oui." Freya replied. "What are 'daisy chains', please?"
"I'll show you!" Shelley took Freya's paw and the skipped towards the daisy patch in the park. Mrs. Keats smiled and picked up Anne who was still gurgling happily. Mr. Keats smiled warmly at the two skipping girls. He was very glad that Freya had made a new friend.