The big day!

Weeks had passed since the news of a new pâtisserie. Rumours and speculation grew as builders began to refurbish the building. No further information had been given about the owners, but the date of the grand opening had been announced. Today would be the day!
Every household had received an invitational flyer to the grand opening that would take place this morning. The event would begin at the new pâtisserie where the name and owners would be revealed!
Miss Betty had awoken to a bright sunshine and the song of morning birds. She stretched her arms and ears languidly and yawned. Remembering what today was, she excitedly jumped out of bed and began getting ready for the day. Two days before, Marcus Cottontail, the rabbit who ran the Country Flower Shop, had spotted moving trucks at Oakwood Manor near the Slysdale residence of Willow Hall. But the owner had not been spotted and Mr. Cottontail could not recall seeing anyone other than the movers. Indeed, the family appeared to have moved in later on that night under cover of darkness. How mysterious!

The crowds gather...

When Miss Betty arrived at the Village Square, she could see a great crowd already assembled before the patisserie. She could see great bows and balloons on the shop's banisters. A great chocolate sash and bow was draped across the entrance to the shop. The crowds were talking eagerly and Betty had to stand up on top-toe to see above the many ears between her and the shop. 
She spotted Mr. Bob Blackberry, a gentleman farmer in the crowd. Mr. Blackberry owned Orchard Grove Farm and had many acres of orchard trees and greenhouses for produce. Every day he loaded up his wares and carted them down using his trusty shire horse, Blacksocks, to Market Square where he sold his produce to the Cherrybrook Villagers. He was with Yvette, his younger sister who was studying at St. Francis School. Miss Betty shyly smiled and blushed when Mr. Blackberry spotted her in the crowd and waved.

A new family revealed!

Suddenly there was a hush over the crowd as figures emerged onto the shop’s front porch. The sunlight played through their snowy white ears, each tipped with rich chocolate-coloured fur. There were four white rabbits, two adults and two children, dressed in crisp shirts and dresses and a grey squirrel which a black bushy tail and a baker’s hat. The father rabbit raised his paws and smiled.
'Bonjour mes amis!' he boomed. 'Welcome to ze grand opening 'ov out leetle cafe et patisserie: Le Petit Gateaux!' He touched his chest and bowed slightly. 'I am Frasier Chocolat and zees,' he gestured to his family beside him, 'Eez ma famille, Teri, Coco et Freya.' They each bowed slightly at the mention of their names. 'And finally, my baker, Christophe Appleblossom, from Appleway Town.' They grey squirrel waved and flicked his bushy tail proudly. Monsieur Chocolat then grandly cut the bow and declared the cafe officially open! The crowd cheered delightedly and began to shuffle their way forwards.

A chocolately success!

M. Chocolat greeted each in turn, shaking paws and inviting them to the into the café. Madame Teri Chocolat and her daughter Freya were busily serving out free financier pastries whilst the Chocolat’s son, Coco, was carrying a tray around of chocolat chaud. Everyone oo-ed and aww-ed at the magnificent cupcakes in the display cases and platters. Choux a la creme, strawberry shortcake, amandes, chocolat roulade, petit fours, apricot tranches and a multitude of éclairs and fruit tarts. But the centrepiece was a towering glass display of cupcakes and tarts! How magnificent!

Help yourself!

Customers were also greeted with the bashful smiles of Isabel Fisher, the little grey striped cat of Appleway Town, from behind the till. She was dressed in a waitress outfit of pink gingham, white apron and a little lace headband over her ears.
Everyone was delighted with Le Petit Gateaux! They fell in love with its enticing displays, floral décor and smiling family. Mr. Christopher Appleblossom made his way around the room, shaking paws and fluffing his bakers hat absent-mindedly. He would soon make his way back to Watermill Bakery to check on it.
As the morning continued, the story of the Famille Chocolat came to be known. M.Chocolat was a master class patissier in France before moving to Cherrybrook. He had created masterpieces for
aristocracy. However, the hectic pace and demands took a toll on him and his family. So leaving France, he moved over the Cherrybrook to revive the bakery and run a humble pâtisserie, allowing him to enjoy his family life.
Christopher Appleblossom was a baker of respectable standing and he had always felt sad that Cherrybrook had no local bakery. So he had agreed to run the bakery part whilst M. Chocolat ran the café. He lived at the Old Watermill Bakery which had been converted into a little cottage by the river.

A happy cupcake day!

Miss Betty was overwhelmed by the scrumptious smell of sugary waffles wafting through the shop and the delectable pastries surrounding her. She could see the Waters family, the Keats and the Slysdales already making purchases or placing orders to Mme Chocolat behind the counter. Coco offered her a chocolat chaud from a silver tray and she thanked him as he wandered off to serve more customers. She inhaled the rich, chocolate scent and sipped from her china cup. It was all so heavenly!

Everyone was overjoyed with the grand opening of the new patisserie and each left with a little cake and a giant smile!